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General Circular For Parents


75 Parade Road, Delhi Cantt.


March 04, 2009

Dear Parent,

As we come to the end of an academic year and move into another, we look forward to new beginnings.

Education is a dynamic process and we ought to change with the times, if not, our children will be left wanting. Therefore, we are constantly engaged in an endeavour to ensure that our children are moulded in a manner that gives a definite advantage over others.

The year 2008 was a hallmark of celebrations for the Patrician Congregation all over the world. It was a celebration of sacrifice, dedication, brotherhood, determination and above all, selfless service in educating the youth of India and spreading the flame of knowledge all over the world. The congregation commenced the celebrations in the month of February 2008 and these culminated in February 2009.

Our Institution was privileged to host the Province Bicentenary Celebrations from 23rd to 25th October, 2008. It is once in a life time privilege to be hosting an event of such significance and stature and Mount St. Mary’s Family is proud to have hosted this celebration. Thank you for your support and cooperation. The celebrations would not have been possible without the zeal and enthusiasm of our students and parents. I once again thank each and every student and parent who helped to make this event such a memorable and meaningful occasion.

This year was indeed an extravaganza of activities which showed multiple colours of success and satisfaction. Much of our innovative vision to bring about a progressive metamorphosis came into place this year as well. Our students gained the dual advantage of a sound, value-based education hand in hand with a modern approach. All this was possible due to planned team-work and zeal with which our teachers and students strived to settle for nothing but excellence.

We have come to the end of yet another successful academic year, but remember, good things come to an end so that better things can begin. Keeping in mind our objectives, I would like to share some of our future projects:

Keeping in mind the growing academic needs of the students, our Senior Computer Lab has been renovated. The school auditorium is being air-conditioned. In order to provide better infrastructural facilities to our budding sportsmen, the Tennis Courts are being upgraded to Synthetic Courts and more coaches for various games and activities have been employed.

To keep up with the momentum and with a view to defining future goals, here is an up-date.

Our focus on Integrated Development made teaching more challenging and learning more exciting. Continuous evaluation of academics and activities were recorded comprehensively. Surprise tests, announced tests and term exams tested textual knowledge and were marked. All other learning activities were duly graded. In the coming year the five key segments of Integrated Development will be further invigorated. Please note that the grade for Integrated Development will be based on individual grading of these five segments.

1. Cultivation of Virtues will once again be done through morning assemblies, bulletin boards, value education, group activity, adventure sports, excursions and group discussions,. The emphasis this year will be on cleanliness, orderliness, etiquette, and courtesy – keeping in mind both essential and optional values such as.

a) Punctuality b) Demeanour c) Responsibility

d) Gratitude e) Courtesy f) Loyalty

g) Dignity of Work h) Tolerance i) Initiative

j) Creativity

2. PowerPoint Presentations

Computer based presentations will be done in the Classroom by each student with the help of computers. Each student will make 3 computer presentations ( one in each subject ) in a year.

3. Project Day / Talent Day

Projects will be assessed on a regular basis on creativity, innovation, research done, team-work and general presentation. The students will be given an opportunity to exhibit their projects on Talent Day. Talent Day will be organized classwise and will give scope for development of communication skills of each child. Students will be assessed on oration, organizing ability, leadership qualities and presentation. Grades will be awarded for the same. Parents are welcome to come and see these activities on Talent Day.

d. Club Activities

Club activities are conducted during and after school hours. Students are encouraged to be members of a club and practice in their respective clubs even after school hours. Students are allotted one activity out of several options as per availability and ability. Various activities available are :

1. Debates 2. L.T.S
& Creative writing

3. Eco-Club 4. Art & Craft

5. Western Music 6. Dramatics (only for Middle School)

7. Quiz 8 First Aid

9. School Choir 10. Indian Music

11. Web Team

e. Sports & Games & Stay-back Activity

Ample facilities are being provided in terms of playing fields, competent coaches stay back transport and stay back lunch at a nominal rate. Parents of senior school must ensure that their ward selects at least one game / activity from the following for which he / she stays back at least two days a week. Please note that 90% attendance is mandatory for the stay back. If your ward fails to achieve the 90% attendance required during the month , you will have to contribute towards the salary of the respective coach and your ward’s P.T. grades in the Progress Card will be affected too.

1. Football 2. Cricket 3. Athletics

4. Lawn Tennis 5. Swimming 6. Indian Music

7. Volleyball 8. Basketball 9. Yoga

10. Table Tennis 11. Badminton 12. Chess

13. Tae-kwon-do 14. Skating 15. School Choir

16 Art & Craft 17. Western Music – Vocal, Drums, Guitar

We shall try and allot your ward the activity and game of his choice as far as possible.

The School authorities may use their discretion to allot/change the activities/games according

to the ability and talent of your ward. Participation in Yoga or Chess will be mandatory for

those exempted from Sports & Games on medical grounds.


Classes 6 - 12

There will be an on-going internal assessment of 50 marks each in the 1st and 2nd terms comprising of one announced test (20 marks) and three surprise tests (10 marks) each, with the best of two surprise tests marks included. The surprise tests are conducted to cultivate the habit of a regular study pattern in students so that they are alert in class and watchful of their academic performance through the year.

Allocation of marks will be as follows:


Surprise Test - 10 Surprise Test - 10

Announced Test - 20 Announced Test - 20

Assignment & Homework - 10 Assignment & Homework - 10

Presentation / Project / Classroom performance - 10

Classroom performance - 10

There will be three Term Examinations of 100 marks each, one conducted per term. Individual weightage of the three term examinations in the final report card shall be as follows:

Ist Term : 25%

IInd Term : 25%

IIIrd Term : 50%

A student has to secure 50% in each subject for a passing grade at the end of the year. A failure

in English by itself or any other two subjects shall warrant a retention in the class. In the case of

Classes 9 & 11, a student must secure a minimum of 30% in the failed subject or else be detained.


A new School Diary has been designed for the Academic Year 2009-2010. It is very informative

and beneficial for the students and the parents. It will give you an insight about the school rules

and regulations, planner for the year 2009-2010 and various other information that you may

require during the year. Please read the Diary carefully to derive maximum benefits from the special study techniques, weekly vocabulary lists and healthy lifestyle guidelines.


Summer Camps are conducted every year in May & June for intensive coaching in specified activities. Kindly await details.


Yoga and Meditation have already been introduced in our school. These techniques benefit physical, emotional and mental health. Vipassana and Brain Gym are helpful in improving memory, concentration and well being.

Adolescent / Sex Education workshops will be conducted each term. Experts will provide support and guidance to students ( Class 8 upwards ) to deal effectively with special phase of change and growth.


We will continue to devote an hour per week exclusively to public speaking, quiz, debate, self appraisal, guest lectures, and interaction with parents. Every Wednesday :

1st Week : Public Speaking & Vocabulary Building

2nd Week : Guest Lecture

3rd Week : Debate

4th Week : Self Appraisal / Role Plays

5th Week : Quiz / Group Discussion

Please note that it is compulsory for every child to participate in the class debate at least thrice during an academic year, once in each term. He will be marked out of ten and these marks will be added to his/her term language paper.


Parents who are highly educated and accomplished in their own field of expertise may share their knowledge with our students by volunteering to deliver Guest Lectures. Other than increasing our students’ knowledge pool, we see this initiative as a series of personality development efforts for them. These guest lectures shall be organized on the second Wednesday of every month between 9:45 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. (Summer) & 10:15 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.( Winter)


The school being far-sighted in vision, encourages introspection and decision-making capacity in our students. It is with this aim in mind and by keeping pace with the changing employment/career option scenario, the school takes the onus of organizing professional career counselling sessions with interactive meetings and accurate feed-back.

Some headway has been made in encouraging students to make appropriate use of the Campus Language. Ten marks from the English Language paper will be set aside for vocabulary tests and verbal skills. All students should read 2 books (literature ) of at least 200 pages during the Summer Holidays and submit a synopsis of the same on the reopening day in July. Please encourage your child to read widely and wisely.


Kindly ensure that your child comes to school in proper school uniform, neat and tidy. The shirt and the trousers are to be of the proper shade, a sample of which is placed on the notice board. Other hues and shades are not acceptable. Further details of the uniform can be found in the school diary. Marians should be smartly dressed in complete and correct uniform from the time they come to school till they reach home. Shirts should be tucked properly into their trousers. Trousers should not be hanging loosely and ties should be knotted properly. If any child is found in incorrect uniform, the correct uniform will be purchased from the school cloth shop and the parent will have to bear the cost of the same.


Students are expected to keep the campus clean. Students must strive to keep the campus and their classrooms clean. Students are expected to cut their hair regularly, trim nails, carry a handkerchief, polish their shoes and wear neat and tidy uniforms. Regular inspection of the same will be done for the same.


Please find enclosed a list of etiquette and good manners, that your ward is expected to adhere to. You are requested to grade your ward on the evaluation sheet attached and hand over the same to the Class Teacher at the end of every term.


All students are expected to maintain discipline in the school bus. Bus Discipline ensures not only the safety and security of the students, but also helps to improve their overall behaviour and enhances the sense of responsibility and belongingness. They are also expected to speak Campus Language in the bus and continue to wear their uniform as a sign of respect to their school. Any act of indiscipline or lack of responsibility in the school bus like instigating and getting involved in any fight, bullying, using abusive language, passing remarks to the passers-by, throwing objects around or out of the bus etc. will amount to withdrawal of the bus facility and further disciplinary action.


French is offered in the middle school classes as an option for the 3rd language. It is offered only to the first 50 students of Class 6, based on their performance in English in Class 5.

Students are not permitted to take tuitions from any teacher in the school. Extra coaching is organised in the school during stay backs. Parents are requested to lay emphasis on classroom learning and make use of the remedial classes, if need be, rather than private tuitions.

All classrooms from Prep to Class 12 are equipped with a computer and 29” monitor. In collaboration with ‘Eureka’ , curriculum support will be provided to all classes this year.


The school arranges tours and excursions for students every year. Adventure trips that include trekking, camping and rafting are mandatory for all students. They are an integral part of our curriculum and the grading process. Participation in outdoor activity is strongly recommended, for learning of life skills, and building both physical and emotional stamina. Classes 9 & 11 will be going for trekking and river rafting Classes 6 to 8 will go for camping trips.

Our social welfare group, LTS members interacted and worked for the Old Age Homes and orphanages, through NGOs. Students of Classes 11 & 12 are required to put in 30 hours of community service, i.e. Traffic Management, Social Service like conducting classes for the under privileged children etc. The students who are in the school team and are regular for practice are exempted from these mandatory hours.

Students studying in Classes 5, 6 & 7 are welcome to volunteer to plant a tree in the school and look after it till they leave the school. Parents are requested to support us in this venture.


We all are aware that the use of plastic bags is banned in our city. Let us join hands in eradicating the use of plastic bags and make our city worth living in. The school book shop will be providing two jute bags each, along with the books and stationery. The students are expected to use the same instead of carrying plastic bags.

Please note that each child must achieve the target of at least 90% attendance in school. Trips and excursions must be planned in accordance with the school vacations. 90% attendance shall be one of the criteria for promotion to the next class. Prior sanction of leave for Classes 10, 11 & 12 students by the Principal is mandatory. In case a student absents himself without prior permission, he must be accompanied by his parents on the day of joining and meet the Principal In case of a medical leave, the parents must carry the prescription and a Medical Certificate and meet the Principal with the same.


Mobile Phones, I-Pods, MP3 Players etc. are strictly forbidden in the school campus. Parents must ensure that their wards do not bring mobile phones to school. If your ward is found carrying a mobile phone etc., the same will be confiscated and will not be returned.

In case of emergency, a student may approach the school office to speak to his / her parents.


Provisional admission is given in April on the basis of the two terms and the Pre-Board examination results. The criteria and percentage will be decided in order of merit for the Science and Commerce Stream. A student is admitted to class 11 if:

1. He clears his Class 10 Board Examination
2. He obtains the percentage prescribed
3. His conduct is good.

Consideration with regard to admission criteria may be given to outstanding students in sports or extra curricular activities.

Parents, alumni, well wishers and friends are welcome to sponsor or co-sponsor some of the major activities of the school. This will enable us to use the funds we have, productively for development of projects. You are welcome to get in touch with the Principal regarding the details of the sponsorship. The following activities are open for sponsorship:

Cultural Week

Bro. Bergin Memorial Music Meet

Matrix – Ecomp Symposium

Bro. Aloysius Recitation Competition (Juniors)

Bro. Mahony Fooball Tournament

Bro. O’Brien Tennis Tournament



State of the Art – Computer Lab 18 Lakhs

Airconditioning of the Auditorium 30 Lakhs

Renovation of the Tennis Courts 28 Lakhs

Computer based learning 5 lakhs

It has been decided at the P.T.A. Meeting that the Parents will organize a Carnival for students in the month of October, 2009. You are requested to give your whole hearted support to all these causes mentioned above.


Parents may meet the Principal on Mondays and Wednesdays between 9 a.m. and 10.30 a.m. with a prior appointment. Telephonic enquiries may be addressed to the following:

Principal Through Secretary

Vice Principal Ext. No. 110

Secretary Ext. No. 100

Senior School Coordinator Ext. No. 111/112

Junior School Coordinator Ext. No. 114

Accounts Ext. No. 103

Fees & Transport Ext. No. 102

Parents are always welcome to intimate the Principal of any problems or difficulties their ward may face with regards to academics or any other aspect of your child’s development and growth. All suggestions to this effect may be forwarded directly to the Principal.

As it may not be convenient for parents to meet the Principal in person, you are welcome to forward your concerns, in writing, in a sealed envelope addressed directly to the Principal, or hand over the same to the Secretary through your ward.

School will reopen on 23rd March, 2009 (Winter timings) for Classes One to Ten and Twelve. School will close for summer vacations from 16th May 2009.

With best wishes

Thank you

Yours truly




(to be deposited with the Class teacher on 23rd March, 2009 )

I _____________________________ f/o / m/o _____________________________ of class ________ have gone through the circular no. S110/13/02/2009 .

Signature of the Parent

Name of the student : ___________________________________________

Class & Section : ___________________________________________

Kindly write down the S.U.P.W. Activity according to the order of priority chosen by your ward. (Please refer to page 2, point (d) for the list of activities.

1. _______________________

2. _______________________

3. _______________________

___________________________ __________________________

Signature of the Student Signature of the Parent

Name of the Parent : _____________________

Name of the student : ___________________________________________

Class & Section : ___________________________________________
Sports / Games / Activities

Kindly write down the Sports / Games / other activity according to the order of priority chosen by your ward. (Please refer to page 2, point (e) for the list of the same.

1. _______________________

2. _______________________

3. _______________________

Are you a member of the school team ? If yes, Please mention the game :


___________________________ __________________________

Signature of the Student Signature of the Parent

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