Fee Rules
  • Application for Transfer Certificate must be made on the prescribed form available from the office. A clear calendar month's notice of withdrawal from the school must be given. If a child is withdrawn without notice , one month's fee will be charged in lieu of notice.
  • Those who wish to withdraw their child after completion of the session should apply on or before 15th March of the current session. If the application of Transfer Certificate is submitted after 15th March of the current session then one month's fee of the following academic session will be charged
  • Transfer Certificate will be issued only after clearance signatures have been obtained from all departments.
  • Payment of fees, both at the time of admission as well as withdrawal shall be payable in Demand Draft only.
  • However, in case of a student of Class XI or XII leaving after commencement of the first session, one quarter of school fee shall be payable before applying for a T.C.
  • All Fees can be paid on-line or by Cheque/Demand Draft at HDFC Bank, Gopinath Bazar branch only.
  • Online payment should be made on www.msmcampuscare.in through parent login id & password provided by the school.
  • Fees can be deposited in advance on yearly/half yearly basis. A drop box will be kept from 1st to 15th of the due month (i.e. April, July, October & January) for the collection of school fees near the Guard Room.
  • Payment by Cheque/DD should be deposited at HDFC Bank, Gopinath Bazar branch only, between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm on all working days. Cheque/DD should be drawn in favour of 'MT. ST. MARY'S SCHOOL FEE ACCOUNT'. No outstation will be accepted under any circumstances. Please write student’s name, class & section, st.no. and contact no. at the reverse of the Cheque/DD.
  • Fees must be paid upto 15th of the due month (i.e. April, July, October and January) to avoid late payment charges. The bank will not accept fees without proper fine after 15th of the due month. Payment by cheque/DD will not be accepted after the due date. Fine for late payment of fees will be charged @ Rs. 150/- per month on a cumulative basis separately for school fee and bus fee. In case of a cheque being dishonored, an additional charge of Rs. 500/- per cheque will be levied.
  • Before depositing the fees, all the columns in the fee pay-in-slip (Name in Capital Letters) should be legibly completed, failing which no credit will be given for the payment and a fine shall be levied as in the case of non-payment. Further, the Bank will not accept incomplete or illegible slips.
  • In the case of Non payment of fees for one installment or more, the student’s name will be removed from the School Rolls. Readmission will be granted entirely at the discretion of the Principal. Fresh admission fees shall be payable in cash before readmission, along with the arrears of fees including the fine.
  • Students will be permitted to sit for the examination only if the dues have been cleared and a ‘No Dues’ Certificate has been obtained prior to the commencement of the examinations.
  • Rs. 500/- will be charged for a duplicate Report Card and Rs.250/- for a duplicate Identity Card.
  • If a student loses or misplaces his/her school diary it should be reported to the respective Coordinator. A letter from the parents and a fine of Rs.250/- should be submitted to the Coordinator and a new diary will be issued.