School Song

Step together, boldly tread. Firm each foot, erect each head,
Fixed in front be every glance, Forward to success advance,
Loyal hearts we nothing dread, Like a deer in mountain heather
Tread light, Left Right. Steady students step together (twice).

Step together boldly stride, Comrades all side by side,
Brave in act and pure in mind, Each one’s single power combined,
Moving on with steps sustained, Thus prepared we care not whether,
Foes smite, left right We shall march and sing together (twice).

Step together self-restrained, Let us show how we are trained,
Ever keen in work and play, We grow better every day.
Raise the flag with joy and pride, St. Mary’s flag in any weather,
Proud sight, Left Right Steady students step together (twice).

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Junior School Prayer
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