MSM -2 : - Whatever existing route uploaded on the school website, as there are no changes in the route.

Route No. F-1

H.Ngr III L/T jail Road 1st pickup point Tilak Nagar R/T Shivaji Marg Subhash Ngr X'ing L/T Tagore Garden Red Light back same direction Maj.Sudesh Kr Marg L/T School straight L/T Ring Road L/T under fly over bridge Ring Road Nariana Village Bus Stop R/T Brar Square L/T Base Hospital R/T Thimmaya Park on Cariappa Marg L/T Kirby Place to Sadar Bazar straight via Geeta Ashram L/T CSD Canteen straight to Parade Road R/T towards Jharera Village to school. {1st pickup point Tilak Nagar……….Last pickup point Sadar Bazar} 27 kms

{1st pickup point Tilak Nagar……….Last pickup point Sadar Bazar} 27 kms

Route No. F-3

Starts from Dwarka II Bus Depot {Madhu Vihar} takes a L/T goes upto Rudra Apts makes a U-Turn comes back opposite the bus depot then takes a L/T towards the sector 6 and 10 market passing “Sports Complex” straight going under Sec 11 Metro Line then taking a R/T towards the station {near the park}then L/T straight to D.D.A Flats Sector 11then L/T opposite Akshardham Apts then straight to Welcome Hotel R/T at Police Station then straight passing Vardhman Mall to Nirankari Chowk U/Turn back to Welcome Hotel R/T then L/T and straight passing District Courts Sarghoda Apts, Chandanwari Apts, Air Force Naval Apts,St. Ann’s Society,Vishwa Bharti School then R/T towards Dwarka Flyover upto Indian Oil Bhawan L/T onto Sadar Bazar Road then R/T onto Cavalry Rd {More Line} then L/T onto Airport Rd then R/T at Palam Tankey onto Parade Rd and straight to School.

{1st pickup point Supriya Apts…….Last pickup point Sector 1 }

Route No. F-4

Starts from Dwarka Sector-8 Depot takes a L/T straight to Janki Chowk{Paari Chowk} then L/T to Carmel Chowk then L/T at Carmel Chowk towards Salaria Officers Enclave Sec-21 then R/T after passing Salaria Enclave towards SPG Complex Sec-8 CRPF Camp Rd Bagdola Village at the T Point R/T towards National Inst Malaria Centre then L/T towards Dada Dev Mandir Marg L/T towards Arunachal apts Rd upto Red Light straight to Happy Home Apts then R/T at Happy Home Apts towards Ramphal Chowk straight to Brahma Apts L/T then R/T at Red Light towards Vishwa Bharti School, Telephone Exchange then R/T towards Dwarka Flyover upto Indian Oil Bhawan L/T onto Sadar Bazar Road then R/T onto Cavalry Rd {More Line} then L/T onto Airport Rd then R/T at Palam Tankey onto Parade Rd and straight to School.

{1st pickup point Janki Chowk…….Last pickup point Brahma Apts}

Route No. F-8

Route No. F-8 Madhu Vihar Bus Depot R/T straight to Matiala Gaon straight to Sec-12 passing DPS School R/T at Red Light passing Ayudh Vihar towards Sec-14 then L/T opp Police Chowki towards Sec-14 pickup students and make a U-Turn and back R/T at Police Chowki straight to Sanghmitra Apts then L/T opp Dwarka International School, Chanakya Apts towards Ispatika Apts then straight to Kailash Apts to Kaveri , Akash Ganga Apts then L/T at Red Light towards MTNL X’change then R/T towards Dwarka Flyover straight L/T at Indian Oil Bhawan then R/T then L/T onto Palam Airport Road then R/T at Palam Tanki onto Parade Road straight to School.

. {1st pickup point Madhu Vihar…….Last pickup point Akash Ganga Apts} 29 kms

Route No. F-10

1st pickup Faridabad Rd{Surya Hotel Red Light} straight to Ashram Chowk L/T onto Ring Rd then straight to 2nd bus stop Lajpat Nagar {new subway on Ring Rd} MCKR under pass,Andrews Ganj flyover, South Ex, Aiims Flyover L/T Ch.Jhandu Singh Marg R/T Kamal Cinema Cmplx via Safdarjung Encl L/T onto Africa Avenue Marg , Munirka, Vasant Vihar Depot straight Olofe Palme Marg L/T N.H No.8 and U-Turn opp Varuna {Naval officers Mess} L/T Central School No.2 APS Colony R/T Jharera Village to School.

{1st pickup point Surya Red Light……Last pickup point Munirka} 40kms

Route No. F-11

Via SPD L/T Patel Ngr Road straight to Pusa Rd R/T at Kolmet Hospital to Old Rajinder Ngr then R/T onto Shankar Rd then L/T towards Andh Vidyalaya, M C Model School R/T New Rajinder Ngr inside Rd R Blk R/T Market Rd then L/T then R/T Circular Rd to Red Light L/T onto Dev Parkash Shastri Marg L/T Nariana Marg L/T opp Sherati Marg Circular Rd L/T Nariana Marg L/T onto Ring Rd via Narian Village U-Turn at Brar Square towards Base Hospital Rd L/T towards Palam Airport Rd L/T at Palam Tanki onto Parade Rd then R/T towards Jharera Village School.

{1st pickup point Patel Ngr main road……..Last pickup point Nariana Vihar} 33 kms

Route No. F-17

Madhu Vihar Depot to Dashratpuri to Sulabh International to Palam Village to Manglapuri Bus Stand then R/T at Muslim Kabristan then L/T Manglapuri State Bank of Patiala then straight R/T Palam Colony, Railway X’ing Palam Colony straight Prahladpur Gaon MES Air Force Office Museum L/T Thimmaya Marg, Palam Airport Rd R/T at Palam Tanki onto Parade Road to School.

{1 st pickup point Dashrathpuri………Last pickup point Pinto Park} 27 kms

Route No. F-19

Mayapuri Depot L/T then R/T from Govt Press onto M V Devi Marg, Shadley Public School Rajouri Apts straight to Subhash Ngr route No.S-20 last bus stop Blk-17 Subhash Ngr Beriwala Bagh R/T Shri Ram Dairy , Aggarwal Sweets on Cambridge School Rd R/T Cambridge Foundation School, on Maj. Sudesh Kumar Marg Rajouri Garden L/T before the Ring Rd on Sant Sujan Singh Marg C Blk Rajouri Gardebn R/T Gill House L/T Ring Rd U/T under Raja Garden Flyover straight to Nariana R/T from Brar Sq L/T Base Hospital onto Palm Airport Rd L/T at Palam Tanki onto Parade Rd and straight to school.

.{1st pickup point Rajouri Apts……..Last pickup point Gill house} 31 kms

Route No. F-24

Peeragarhi Depot L/T Hegdewar Marg R/T Behraon Enclave, Aggarwal Sweets Sec 13, 14 Paschim Vihar X’ing Bosco Public School L/T St.Marks Girls School Meera Bagh Rd R/T Outer Ring Rd, K.P.Depot R/T CRPF Camp L/T JG Blk Vikaspuri L/T Gujranwala Apts R/T Outer Ring Rd Kangra Niketan L/T Shivaji Marg, Tilak Nagar R/T Jail Rd L/T Shaheed Rajiv Lal Marg…..Hari Ngr Clock Tower to Naina Devi Marg R/T Maya Enclave to Lajwanti L/T onto Nangal Raya Flyover straight to Cariappa Marg R/T Kirby Place, Sadar Bazar straight via Geeta Ashram L/T CSD Canteen straight to Parade Road R/T towards Jharera Village to school.

{1st pickup point Bheraon Enclave…..Last pickup point Maya Enclave}36 kms

Stay Back Route

"M-I" { DL 1P D 1509 }

Via :- Mount St.Mary's School L/T Parade Road straight to Gen D’souza Marg R/T towards Sadar Bazar Road straight to Kirby Place X’ing passing Sadar Police Station L/T Cariappa Marg straight over the flyover Nangal Raya on jail road L/T from Fateh Ngr bus stop L/T from ,Happy Model School on B 1 Janakpuri Marg R/T on Janakpuri Main Road, Mata Chanan Devi Hospital R/T Pankha Road R/T Najafgarh Road ( Shivaji Marg) L/T Guru Virza Nand Marg R/T to L/T "C" Blk Vikaspuri R/T from Oxford School "G" Blk Vikaspuri L/T Dr.Hedgewar Marg, CRPF Camp straight L/T on Meera /bagh Road R/T from Market on "A" Blk Meera Bagh Road , Bosco Public School R/T on Behrao Enclave Road (Last Point) R/T on Dr. Hedhgewar Marg straight to Keshopur Depot.

Distance - 27.7 kms.

"M-3" { DL 1T C 2446 }

Via :- Mount St Mary's School L/T straight to Palam Tankee R/T towards Gopi Nath Gole Chakkar straight towards Thimmaya Park then passing Base Hospital L/T onto Ring Road Mayapuri X'ing straight upto Wazirpur Depot L/T on Lala Jagat Narain Marg L/T Shamji Krishna Marg R/T from Engineers Enclave straight Crescent Public School R/T from Bank Vihar on Chander Shekhar Azad Marg. Deepali Chowk straight to Maharaja Agrasen Marg R/T on B-5 Road Sector 7 & 8 Rohini. Sai Baba Chowk straight L/T from Unique Apts Sector 9 to D.C.Chowk L/T from D.C.Chowk ( Last Point )to Navyug Apts, Rishi Apts R/T from Friends Apts on Bhagwan Mahaveer Marg to Rohini Depot - I.

Distance - 22.7 kms.


This bus will cater to students residing at Shankar Vihar, Satya Niketan, Moti Bagh, R.K.Puram, Safdarjung, and Munirka…….also note that the bus does not go beyond Munirka.

Ps Note :- Depending on the number of students and the areas they are residing in the Driver will decide the route.

The bus goes into Shankar Vihar drops the students then proceeds to Munirka via Rao Tula Ram Marg and then comes back to the school.

Distance - 12.2 kms.


Mount St.Mary's School Parking L/T onto Parade Road L/T at palam Tankee onto Palam Airport Road R/T from Mandir passing Air Force Museum R/T onto Dwarka Flyover road then straight to Delhi Public School L/T to Sanghamitra Apts Sec-12, to Vardhman Jaypee Plaza R/T at Vardhman Plaza L/T B.P.Dwarka (Petrol Pump Sec 10-12) straight to Shama Apts sec-10 , L/T at Rashtrapati Apts Sec-10 , Kalka Apts Telephone Exchange R/T at Telephone Exchange towards red light then R/T back towards the Dwarka Flyover and back to school.

Distance - 28.8 kms.