Principal's message

“ By education , I mean an all – around drawing of the best in the child and man in body and spirit”. Mahatma Gandhi

Keeping in mind, that 2019 is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, Mount St. Mary’s strives to bring out the best in each student. Within each child lies a treasure chest of untold qualities and talents. The key to this chest lies with us and in our attitude towards our children and life itself. We have to make our children feel worthwhile and instill in them a deep sense of conviction.

This is possible through encouragement, right exposure, constant appreciation, patience and our undivided attention. Only then will we be able to draw out the good in them.

Each child is different from the other and will bloom in his/her own time. Instead of comparing them with others, help them to compare themselves with their own past performances.

Kindness and authoritativeness can and must go hand in hand.

Mount St. Mary’s provide many activities not only for academic insight but also for nurturing different talents in sporting activities, art, music, social service, dramatics, public speaking etc.

A child who is made aware of his inherent capabilities will delight in challenges and will have a marvelous sense of self-esteem. This child will surely earn his wings.

Each child is beyond compare.
Each child is the best.

Bro. Dr. Arockiaraj